Respiratory System


Respiratory System and Disorders Study Guide

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Folded Size:~9" x 4"  (23 x 10 cm)
Unfolded Size:~9" x 24"  (23 x 61 cm)
Part of Set:Illustrated Pocket Anatomy
This folding study guide takes our most popular anatomical images and puts them in a durable, portable format-perfect for the on-the-go student. Guide shows numbered anatomical structures and contains answers that can be concealed for easy self-testing and memorization. Write-on, wipe-off laminated surface.

This second edition features a fresh, clean design with improved organizational features such as key subject headers at the top of each panel.

This quick reference covers:
  • Respiratory passages overview and intrapulmonary structures
  • Bronchopulmonary segments and ventilation
  • Pulmonary arteries and veins
  • Paranasal sinuses and larynx
  • Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer

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